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BIG Cumbria Success

BIG Cumbria success

Commendium Ltd. is proud to release the latest figures from its hugely successful project, BIG Cumbria. As well as helping business grow in terms of employee numbers, the project has stimulated the increase of nearly £15 million in GVA, exceeding all targets.

The project has now come to an end and we can no longer assist businesses with the free advice and support.

Commendium still have all the factsheets available, so please contact us and we will be more than happy to pass any of these on to you. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for rmore details.



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Here is some of the feedback we have received from our clients:

Liam Berney – The Cottage in the Woods

“In business, it’s very easy to become trapped in your own micro environment, especially when you’re out in the sticks. We recognise that social media is simply word of mouth put through an amplifier. The business has grown dramatically over the last 12years and we dealt with this by bolting bits on to our systems.

This led to time consuming practices and procedures. So, we embarked on ‘operation simplification’, whereby we reviewed everything we do and how we do it, particularly, how we use IT.

“Sometimes publicly funded consultants are unfairly criticised by business operators. BIG Cumbria is a dynamic organisation and, without questions, delivers. In terms of time saving systems, it means we can be with our customers rather than shut away in the office. Most important for small business owners, it has dramatically improved our work/life balance”


Alan Oliver – Silloth Golf Club

“The SEO workshop was really good, and the expert there gave us a lot of help. “Having someone impartial to advise us helped a lot. Big Cumbria highlighted new areas that we could work on, things we could do ourselves. The SEO was the biggest part of the help we received because it can be an absolute minefield.  It is a specialist thing to do and a company could charge a lot but Big Cumbria showed me how to do it myself.  Being online is such a massive thing now – it’s not optional, it’s imperative – and one of the best ways to spread the word is through social media.  In the New Year we want to have a hole-by-hole view of the course and a YouTube channel. I want the course to be seen as a gem, not a ‘hidden gem’”


 Tony Taylor - Whitehaven Marina

“We value the importance of social media and how to use it in the most effective way to engage with our customers. We’ve realised the benefits of scheduling and linking updates, streamlining emails and monitoring what works and what doesn’t.

We are a very customer focused business and so customer service and good communication is very important. We now use Facebook and Twitter to keep customers up to date with daily goings-on at the marina, Mailchimp for weekly email updates and online text messaging services to pass on important information such as security updates and weather warnings.

It has been invaluable and we would definitely recommend Big Cumbria’s services to other businesses, regardless of their field or level of expertise with digital media”


 Jane Farkins - The Eden Workshop

We were able to build a new site and manage it without having to keep asking someone to do it for us. We have also developed our social media, using Facebook, Twitter, and Hootsuite. It is much quicker and easier to do bookings with the website system, doing it in-house.

With BIG Cumbria’s advice and assistance, every process had been speeded up and we have realised an increase in turnover”


Steven Sharkey - Elite Fitness

“I was initially skeptical about another of “these projects” promising increased sales and helping to improve my business, however after talking through new ideas and how they could help me expand Elite Fitness I was eager to get involved.

We have been so pleased with the continual development of Elite Fitness over the past two years and we’re excited to see what our third year has in store for us. We have increased our turnover by 82% and are have so far realized about £18,000 in turnover increase due to BIG Cumbria. Their advice has helped us take on 2 new staff in the time they have been working with us and I have recommended BIG Cumbria to other local businesses”


Sue Taylforth - E&SM Taylforth

"Derek was very helpful with advice on re-marketing which has led to new leaflets / brochures including QR codes. This has led to advance bookings for this year with only 3 free weeks from now (March 2015) to October".


Anne Wilson-Blacklock - Face-to-Face

"I was very nervous about Social Media before meeting with BIG Cumbria, but Facebook has now proved a revelation for my business. It sees me through the quiet times"


Pam Houghton - Houghton Parkhouse Ltd

"The help we received was most useful in assisting us with our marketing and looking at a specific area of the website we were developing. The gentleman was helpful in attempting to assist us and gave us some good ideas to move forward with for our web development for marketing and products. It would have been really useful if we could have had more from him"


Tracy Hunnam - Result Business

"Steve's advice was invaluable to me. I now have a website which I was able to customise every step of the way. As well as teaching me the basics, Steve was also willing to give me help when I wanted to make any changes. Invaluable."


Amanda Brayshaw - Low Graythwaite Hall

Understanding SEO and putting it into practice with MailChimp which then triggered a mailshot reaching 17,000 people with 250 likes on Facebook. Tying it all in with Social Media, Derek was brilliant - 100% fantastic. No longer need to pay for SEO"


Free Factsheets

Looking for some extra advice - for free?

BIG Cumbria is proud to give you access to all our factsheets for free - simply visit and complete the form. Remember to fill in the section that asks which topics you are interested in.

We will then email you the factsheets you requested, if we have anything on the topics you requested.


Want even more - for free?

Commendium are willing to carry on some of the services of BIG Cumbria by offering a free 1 hour consultation on using technology within your business. Commendium have recently setup an SME Solutions Division and is able to offer services ranging from Digital Marketing and Website Design, to Microsoft Office 365 services and more.

Please contact us at s This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Hashtag Engine Optimisation

It’s reasonable to expect that if you post/tweet comments on social media that you would want to reach as many people as you can in order to promote your product/service. You might be aware that the factors that go into getting higher rankings for a website are called search engine optimisation but - have ever you heard of hashtag engine optimisation? Well for those of you with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram it’s likely that you will be hearing much more about this topic in the future.



Everyone’s doing it – are you the next Dali?

We all doing it, posting photos, and designing graphics to entice our customers to look at our social media posts and marvel at our products.